I believe the boring and ordinary things in life must be challenged, so I decided to bring more colour and light to the world with art. So many of us go through depression and many other mental health issues and I want to put a stop to that. I’ve had my ups and downs due to my schizophrenia and depression and this is why I was driven to create BeLux. I want to inspire others to live a life in full colour and re-claim their happiness.

What doe BeLux mean?


BE. Being your true self

LUX Latin for unit of illuminance aka LIGHT

My mission is to get colourful art in front of as many people as possible and inspire an uplifting change to the boring and ordinary things in life. Everyone deserves to be happy and live a life of peace; For every print sold I will donate $1 to funding cutting-edge research to find cures for mental health. 🕊️ 

BE. You – BE. Free – BE. Lux

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