Are these truly earthly creatures
or a figment of my minds eye,
for I have seen nothing on earth like this
and some people I am sure will decry.

I think they belong in the heavens
in fact I insist that they do,
if these were to grow in your garden
they would raise an eyebrow or two.

Invoke feelings of inner turmoil
fantasy thoughts from within our own mind,
when our head goes to private places
these are thoughts of a special kind.

When people live in a fantasy
it’s like living in cartoon land,
they live their life right here on earth
but reality does often command.

Lift your eyes up to the heavens
keep an open and willing mind,
it’s alright to live in a fantasy world
for your life this has all been designed.

Poem by Lorraine Gilmour

Art by BeLux

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