What thoughts do conjure in your mind
when you think of a word named ‘be’?
Means nothing at all just on it’s own
let us think of this word and we’ll see.

Be the best every day of your life
and at everything you do,
strive hard to make a difference
you’ll be surprised what you accrue.

Be kind and caring of others
the best one of them all,
to show empathy to another
does wonders for your soul.

Be like the man before you
as your head floats in the clouds,
don’t stick to that well worn pathway
if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Now we have done our analysis
A conclusion it must be sought,
I think I may have the right answer
but to my mind havoc has been wrought.

Poem by Lorraine Gilmour

Artwork by BeLux

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